iSTAND is proud to present a podcast mini-series, hosted on the Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (WWEST) Best of the WWEST Podcast to explore topics related to inclusion and diversity.

Released Episodes

Women in STEM at UBC Okanagan
An introduction to 3 inspirational women in STEM who actively work to support diversity and inclusion. Featuring Dr. Deborah Buszard, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of UBC Okanagan, Dr. Mina Hoorfar, Director of School of Engineering, and Dr. Bowen Hui, Associate Head of Undergraduate Studies in Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics. Listen here.

Indigenous STEM Education
This episode explores the struggles Indigenous students face in pursuing STEM and tertiary education, as well as methods to Indigenize STEM education. Featuring Dr. Isha DeCoito, Desiree Marshal – Peer, Shaylene Dekock- Kruger. Listen here.

Men in Female Dominated Fields
While current conversation emphasizes the lack of women in male dominated fields, equal attention should be given to the lack of men in female dominated fields. Dr. Peter Kellett (Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Lethbridge) and Dr. John Graham (Director of the School of Social Work at UBC Okanagan) explore the experiences of men in minority fields and strategies to recruit and retain men in these fields. Listen here.

Playing for STEM: Applying a Sport Model to Increase the Participation of Women in STEM
A look at parallels between sport and STEM in regards to the lack of participation and support of women, as well as the methods that have been used to counteract it. Dr. Marge Holman (Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor) provides insight into the sport administration and legislation to support women, while Reina Iizuka (University of Manitoba Bisons) provides a personal account of her experience as a football player. Listen here. Full length interviews coming soon!

Upcoming Episodes

Women in Male Dominated Fields
Exploring fields in which women are currently underrepresented, the experiences of women in those fields and how we can encourage women to pursue careers despite them being underrepresented.

Gender Diversity in Medical Physics

A continuation of iSTAND’s “Examining Gender Diversity Growth as a Model For Inclusion of All Underrepresented Persons in Medical Physics” paper providing a look at the current state of diversity and inclusion within the field of Medical Physics as well as the ways gender diversity can support greater diversity and inclusion within the field. Featuring Dr. Deidre Batchelar.