iSTAND aims to engage youth and adults in STEM programming to increase awareness and recruitment of underrepresented persons as well as provide guidance for professionals to empower themselves to challenge the status quo.

Youth Initiatives

iSTAND hosts spring break camps, summer camps, and individual classroom visits focused on neuroscience, coding, robotics, and broad sciences inclusive of health and health technologies to increase awareness and participation of women and other marginalized individuals in STEM fields.

Professional Programming for Students and Adults

iSTAND works collaboratively with profit and not-for-profit partners to bring engaging and informative sessions to academic and non-academic STEM professionals. Activities focus on promoting integration and increasing retention rate of women in STEM fields, both within and outside academia. iSTAND, in collaboration with partners, develop strategies to ensure regional opportunities for women and underrepresented persons in STEM.

Indigenous Outreach

Indigenous peoples are highly underrepresented in STEM fields. As such, iSTAND is dedicated to providing Indigenous learners with an opportunity to engage in STEM, and develop the necessary skills to pursue a career in STEM. In collaboration with the Indigenous Programs and Services office, iSTAND empowers Indigenous UBC Okanagan students to host a STEM outreach event in their home communities.