Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are catalysts of innovation and advancement. iSTAND initiatives across UBC Okanagan are driving organizational change and advancing equity, inclusion and diversity in STEM fields. iSTAND is committed to building community through an annual offering of events for youth and adult participants. We do this by:

Empowering Individuals

iSTAND strives to foster an atmosphere that enables individuals within organizations to unleash their potential and to shape a more diverse mindset that welcomes inclusivity and respect into their personal and professional life. Each individual can be equipped with the tools necessary to challenge the status quo, create change and nurture inclusive spaces.

Engaging Regional & Global Communities

iSTAND creates integrative, interactive, and fun environments that allow one to explore a variety of STEM concepts and disciplines whilst connecting individuals with shared interests and by actively engaging with academic and non-academic STEM professionals to offer informative and engaging events to promote equity, diversity and inclusion across STEM disciplines.